Why YOU should vote in the election!

Why YOU should vote in the election!

By Victor M. (SFS'17)

The time is coming soon to vote for your pick in this year’s presidential race! This marks a pretty significant point in our country’s history: a woman appears on the ballot for the first time as a major party’s nominee to be US president!

The election season has, admittedly, been tiring for some who have actively followed both the primary and general election seasons on the news and social media recently. Some of you might be wondering if there’s even a point in voting this year since early voting numbers seem to be high, or you might not even be a huge fan of either presidential candidate. You might even think that your vote does not count because of the Electoral College.

Although the act of voting may not be everyone’s favorite pastime, there are a ton of very good reasons you should get out and vote!

1. You have the chance to vote on local elections!

One thing that is commonly overlooked is that our next president is not the only item on this year’s election ballot. States like California have propositions that could potentially grant more funds to public schools, and important seats in both the House of Representatives and Senate are open, as well!

2. More votes makes our democracy even more representative!

A mini U.S. history lesson: until 1870, people of color were not allowed to vote; until 1920, women were not allowed to vote; until 1971, those under 21 were not allowed to vote. In other words, more than half of the Georgetown undergraduate student body would not have had the opportunity to vote had the election taken place at a point in the early 20th century.

As cliched as this sounds, going to the polling place (or sending your ballot in early) makes sure your voice gets heard! It’s important to be aware of the years-long struggle to make sure that all of us currently have the opportunity to vote. Make the most of this amazing privilege!

3. We are very fortunate to live in a country that lets us be heard!

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Even if the deadline to register to vote in your state has expired, there are so many ways to participate in the political process and be heard! Our country allows us to speak our mind freely and to have our voice be involved in making decisions that can last for generations to come. A couple of ways of doing this are phone banking for your favorite candidates, knocking on doors for Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaigns, and participating in protests!

In short, voting is something that everyone should go out and do! This is a historic election year, and we have the opportunity to live in one of the major powerhouses of politics in the entire world. Be sure to participate in the election and get out to vote!

If you’re not sure of how to vote, be sure to log on here to make sure you get the chance to participate!

And as President Obama said...

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