Why #CHERRYBLOSSOMSZN is the best season

Why #CHERRYBLOSSOMSZN is the best season

By: Tiffany

1. It brightens up the Tidal Basin

The cherry blossom trees line the outer rim of the Tidal Basin and create a wonderful pink hue. On a sunny DC day, their pink color pops against a sky blue background!

2. It’s a great excuse to walk to the monuments

Grab a friend and take a walk down to the monuments! No better way to enjoy the blossoms than with good conversation and even better company.

woops got lost on the way to the library 🤓😎

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3. It’s celebrated by people of all ages

No matter how young or old, we are all amazed by the beauty of the blossoms. With the branches of the trees arching over and into the basin, you’re surrounded by a world of pink and can’t help but gaze with wonder and awe at the natural beauty.

Playing with my Tutty in the middle of cherry blossoms. #DCBaby #BabyIsabella #MorningGiggles #Grandma #RMFans

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4. It’s the perfect pitstop on a bike tour of the city

Another way to check out the sights and sounds of DC is by bike! You can zip all around the monuments from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument and then all around the edge of the Tidal Basin. Take a little break at one of the benches lining the basin and relax under the shade of a cherry blossom tree.

5. Baked and Wired has a cupcake flavor dedicated to it

First of all, what you need to know is that I’m a huge Baked and Wired fan, so it only makes sense that I’d be incredibly excited over a cupcake that is dedicated to my favorite season here in DC! Maraschino cherries are folded and chopped into the vanilla cupcake batter and the cake is topped with a creamy, maraschino buttercream -- 10/10 would recommend trying, especially during cherry blossom season!

who needs a cherry blossom selfie 🤳🏻when you can eat a cherry blossom cupcake 🌸 {📸 @figsandflour}

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6. It’s a sign that spring is here

While we didn’t have a particularly cold or long winter, these blossoms are still a welcome sign of spring. With spring comes warmer weather, brighter sunshine, and more opportunities to spend time outside! I’m definitely looking forward to some picnics on the front lawn, lunch down at the Waterfront Park and sunset walks around the city. For now, I’ll kick off my spring by enjoying these blossoms while they’re still here and looking forward to the warm weather to come!

drop dead gorgeous.

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