Top 4 Restaurants to Treat Yourself At

Top 4 Restaurants to Treat Yourself At

Top 4 Restaurants to Treat Yourself At

By Victor (SFS '17)

One of the many perks of living in DC is the great food scene in the city! There’s a ton of reasons why you might want to get out and explore some restaurants. Maybe you’re feeling tired of eating on-campus, or your parents might be in town for the weekend. Regardless of the reason, we always have to treat ourselves to some awesome food once in awhile!

Here’s a list of 4 restaurants that are great options if you’re in the mood to spoil yourself.

1. Rose's Luxury

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Rose’s Luxury is located close to Capitol Hill and is a great place to take your parents to, since it is a little on the pricier end. With that in mind, they do have various options, ranging from pasta dishes to family style dishes like smoked brisket. They also do have various vegetarian options if someone in your group has any dietary restrictions!

How to get there? Since Rose’s Luxury is a little further, consider either taking an Uber/Lyft or taking the Metro to the Eastern Market stop using the Orange and Blue lines.

2. Founding Farmers


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Founding Farmers is owned by the same restaurant group that owns Farmers Fishers Bakers. Each time I’ve been there, the wait time is at least one hour if you do not have a reservation, so be sure to call in before you plan on going. The restaurant’s 1 hour wait, however, is well worth it. They have various flatbreads that are great for starters, and they also offer various entrees that cater to any palette.

How to get there? Since it’s so close to Georgetown, consider either walking or taking the Circulator towards Union Station and getting off at Pennsylvania Ave and 21st St., NW.

3. Filomena Ristorante

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Filomena Ristorante is within walking distance from school and is one of my favorite restaurants in the DC area! Filomena is a family-owned location that uses recipes that have lasted since JoAnna Filomena’s generation. One of the restaurant’s most popular dishes is the Pollo Alla Parmigiana (Chicken Parmesan); although the dish comes with a large portion of food, it means you can either share the dish or have leftovers for the day after!

How to get there? Because the restaurant is on Wisconsin Ave., NW, definitely walk if going from Georgetown.

4. Equinox Restaurant

Equinox is a restaurant that offers various dishes suited to a wide variety of tastes in food. One unique component of the restaurant is its Plant-Based Selections on the menu, which are vegan food offerings. This makes Equinox a great place to go to if you or anyone in your group has dietary restrictions. Even some of their desserts are vegan, too! Definitely consider checking out if going with a group that likes to share dishes.

How to get there? Consider either taking an Uber/Lyft or public transit, like the Circulator (towards Union Station), and getting off at K and 17th Streets, NW.

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