Hoyas Senior Year Bucket List

Hoyas Senior Year Bucket List


1. Read a book or reflect in Dahlgren Quad

Dahlgren Quad is one of the few outdoor places on campus where you can go relax and get some moments alone. It is breathtakingly beautiful and so peaceful. I love reading a book out here or just taking some time to think.

2. Spend numerous hours lounging on the front lawn after picking up food from the farmer’s market

There’s nothing better than a Wednesday at Georgetown with our incredible farmer’s market full of satiating food options! Often though we don’t spend more than an hour there because we have things to do. I recommend you take one Wednesday to shirk off all responsibilities for the day (you deserve it!) and hang out for hours with your friends sunbathing, eating and people watching.

3. It's never too late to make a new friend, even with a few weeks left.

Grab coffee or a meal at the Tombs with that person you’ve been meaning to meet over the past 4 years or want to get to know better.  You never know where one last meeting can take you, who knows you could just become best friends!

Credit:  gifsec,com

Credit: gifsec,com

4. Thank a professor. Tell any professors or faculty who have impacted you in your 4 years here thank you before you graduate with a handwritten note or visit them during their office hours.

We have been surrounded by incredible faculty these past four years and once we graduate the type of intellectual conversations we have the privilege of having in academia won’t be as frequent in the professional world. Take the time to thank those professors who have impacted you in some way whether that was helping you become a better writer, challenged your perspective on a topic, or introduced you to new knowledge. We all know at least one professor who made class really engaging or made us think about something different. Let them know you are grateful to have met them. 

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5. Have a photoshoot on the John Carroll statue

Simply because you won’t be able to pull it off as an alum and it’s truly a tradition to sit on John Carroll's lap before you graduate. Do it for the memories (& Instagram!)

6. Go to Tombs Trivia one night with your friends

So that you can say you’ve played and because it’s actually really fun. Also, try to meet new people, even though we graduate in only a few weeks. It’s a rare opportunity to walk into a place and have an instant connection with people because we all go to the same school, so put yourself out there and make some new friends.

Lunch at the Tombs

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7. Spend an afternoon strolling through the Georgetown neighborhood

It’s pretty incredible we get to live in one of the most beautiful and historic neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. Take a moment to stroll around with nowhere to go to appreciate the stunning neighborhood and community we’ve called home for four years.

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8. Take an afternoon to peruse beautiful art at the Phillips Collection, a lesser known museum (and only a 20 minute walk from campus in Dupont Circle!)

Most of us have done the major museums like the Smithsonians, but just a short walk from campus is an intimate museum called the Phillips Collection that doesn’t disappoint. There’s also a Tryst cafe inside the museum which is a great spot to grab a slice of pie and cup of coffee after you check out the museum.

Credit:  Wikipedia

Credit: Wikipedia

9. Watch the sunrise at the monuments

Obligatory the morning after senior ball/before commencement!

10.  Get off campus to 14th Street

As much as we all love the Tombs, you should try to get out of the Georgetown bubble to 14th Street to one of the many beer gardens, restaurants or cafes. The area has changed so much since we were freshman and it’s worth a visit to explore the area.

Thursday nights call for some futbol and beers at my favorite place #prost

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