Senior Spring Bucket List

Senior Spring Bucket List

By Taylor

Seniors, congrats on making it this far! Now is the time to sit back, relax, and pray that you really did meet all your graduation requirements. While you enjoy your last semester on campus, here are a few final items to check off your bucket list!

Senior Wednesdays

Senior Night at the Tombs has been happening every Wednesday since we started back in the fall, but now is your time to make the most of it! Grab a group of your friends and head over to make the most of the Senior Night specials.

Classic Georgetown

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Last Semester of Farmer’s Market

As springtime rolls around, all Georgetown students seem to have one thing in common on their minds: the Farmer’s Market! It’s your last semester to access this magical food paradise every week, so live it up! Cherish your favorites or try something new. Either way, definitely make it a point to stop by!


Find a New Favorite Place

From museums to monuments, running trails to restaurants, and everything in between, DC is teeming with new places to go, foods to try, and things to do! Check out that museum you’ve been dying to see, or head to the place on U Street you’ve heard all your friends talking about for weeks. Everyone needs a break from classes and school work, and there is no better place to explore than DC!

still not in Lau 🙆🏻😌

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Stay in Touch!

Although its your last semester on campus, the bonds you have made here will last for years to come. Reach out to your favorite professors or head to their office hours, and catch up with old friends as much as you can! I know I take for granted how close by all of my friends are now, but I will miss this so much next year!

Thank you so much Father Buckley and Father Rourke for sharing your stories with us.

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Sit in John Carroll’s Lap

As the founder of Georgetown, John Carroll’s statue is one of the most recognizable spots on campus. Over the years, it has become a well-known tradition for students to sit in his lap before graduation − with photographic evidence, of course! 

And then we'll do it all over again (I'll watch less Netflix this time, Mom)

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99 Days!

If you’re up for a real senior year challenge, 99 Days is for you. Visit the Tombs once a day for the last 99 days of the school year, and your name will be immortalized in the restaurant for all to see! It’s perfect way to remain in Georgetown for long after you graduate − no matter where you might end up.

9⃣9⃣ days later. 👌🏼 #favoritebar #hoyaalum #puravida #hoyasaxa #georgetownstories

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These are only a few of the many, many ways to make the most of your last semester. But whatever places you go, activities you choose, and people you see, be sure to enjoy it!

Winter at Georgetown?

Winter at Georgetown?

Self-Care on the Hilltop!

Self-Care on the Hilltop!