Let's Jam.

Let's Jam.

Welcome Home: A Move-in Playlist

                                                                                  By: Andrew (C'16)

The first year of college is a time of upheaval. Away from home for an extended period--perhaps for the first time--you’re going to have a previously unprecedented amount of freedom. This playlist attempts to capture the multitude of emotions you undoubtedly feel: excitement, nervousness, and wonder. You’ve left one home in order to be “Home on the Hilltop,” and songs like Our Own House by MisterWives and Rather Be by Clean Bandit and Jess Glynne try to contribute to that sense of place-making. Some songs are D.C.(entric), like Chillin from the DMV’s Rap Ambassador (Wale) or Maryland-raised O.A.R.’s Love and Memories. Others, like Handclap by Fitz and the Tantrums are just meant to be fun! Play these songs on the drive to campus, as you’re decorating your dorm room, or when you’re with new friends. We hope you enjoy it, and Hoya Saxa!

Why these songs?

Chillin: The main riff is “DChillin;” need I say more?

Once in a While: At times (especially in the stress of move-in) you just need to “dance and feel good!”

All We Got: Chance the Rapper is amazing, full stop. This entire playlist could (should) be all Chance the Rapper songs.

Sunday Candy: Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment’s song about Chance’s grandmother is fun, happy, and upbeat--what more could you want for your first Sunday at college?

Rollercoaster: Your next four years are going to have some ups and downs, like--you guessed it--a rollercoaster.

Beware the Dog: We had to get one dog reference into the playlist, but don’t worry--Jack the Bulldog is friendly (no need to beware!).

What You Know: It’s a fun song, and just like the lyric “It’s my sweet beginning” you’re at the start of something new and great here on the Hilltop.

Our Own House: You’re going to leave an impression on Georgetown during these next four years. In a metaphorical sense, all of you are will build your own house, “a stone house, with (y)our hands over your heart” of relationships and ties on-campus.

My House: Georgetown’s your house now--have fun with it!

HandClap: Your achievements over these next four years are going to make people’s hands clap. Little cheesy, but true.

Come a Little Closer: If you “Come a Little Closer” you’ll see a lot about college life, Georgetown, and--most importantly--yourself.

Oxford Comma:  I’m a big proponent of Georgetown, Jack the Bulldog, and the Oxford Comma--but you decide...

Atomic Man: This is a personal favorite.

Shut Up and Dance: Sometimes you just gotta dance. Just wait for Club Lau!

Campus: I think this one is self-explanatory.

Opposite of Adults: You’re not a kid anymore, but you’re also not an adult. Maybe something in-between?

Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne): When you’re at Georgetown, there’s noplace you’d rather be! (right???)

When You Were Young: You’re young now, have fun!

Home: You’re now “Home on the Hilltop,” and we couldn’t be happier to have you here.

Daylight: Matt and Kim came for the Spring Concert a couple years ago, and Daylight is one of their best jams.

Something To Believe In: This is off of Young the Giant’s new album, and at a university like Georgetown you’re going to be introduced to somethings to believe in (just wait for that first Philosophy class).

Young Blood: The Naked and Famous are playing the Lincoln Theatre this November, just saying…

Midnight City: You’re going to have some late nights over the next four years. Maybe midnight isn’t late enough, but the thought’s there.

Come on Eileen: This is a classic.

Love and Memories: O.A.R. formed in Rockville, MD, and after Georgetown you’re going to have some love and memories.

On My Mind: I bet Georgetown has been on your mind all summer…

Jungle: the Young Senators are a go-go band from Washington, D.C.

Little Secrets: the hope is that this song will serve as a nice pick-me-up when you’re exhausted from moving your stuff into New South, Harbin, Village C, or Darnall.

Lisztomania: Much like Little Secrets, this song is a fun pick-me-up.

Take Me Out: Your OA will “Take [You] Out” for Destination DC.

Fluorescent Adolescent: You’ve passed adolescence, and now you’re almost to your 20s! Crazy stuff.

Someday: If you don’t already, you should listen to the Strokes.

It’s Time: As Imagine Dragons say, “It’s time to begin...” Georgetown.

Adulthood: This song choice is a little more thought-provoking… As Jukebox the Ghost says, “From adulthood, no-one survives.” Sure enough your four years here fly by, so make the most of it!

Pinch Me: At times, you might need a pinch to remind you that, yes, you’re at Georgetown!

Ride: It’s a hit song and I like it a lot. I could probably say something about how you have a cool ride ahead of you and all that, but I simply like this song. Nuff said.

The Weekend: You’ll have plenty of weekends to hang out with friends, explore D.C., and make memories.

Future People: You were future Hoyas once, but not anymore!

Cold Water (feat. the Biebz): Just a great song.

Hymn For the Weekend - Seeb remix: see description for The Weekend.

Hey Ya!: Listening to OutKast is never a bad decision. Never.

Stay: You’ll stay here for four years, but Georgetown is forever.

Jubel - Original Mix: Dance away Hoyas, dance away.

Wagon Wheel: Any good Georgetown playlist finishes with Wagon Wheel.

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