Let's Get Spiritual

Let's Get Spiritual


By: Sarah M. (SFS'17)

Five Ways to Explore Spirituality on The Hilltop

Nobody understands the term “busy bees” like Hoyas. Whether it’s running to class or to a club meeting or actually running, like on a treadmill in Yates, Georgetown’s campus is always reminiscent of a hive working overtime.

What’s incredible about Georgetown, though, is that it’s grounded in Jesuit values that encourage taking a step back and exploring deeper.

Here are five ways you can explore spirituality at Georgetown!

1)   Attend a Religious Service

Georgetown is the oldest Jesuit and Catholic University in the nation -

- and there are many opportunities to attend Mass right on campus. But if you don’t identify as Catholic, there are many other religious services offered besides mass! There’s everything from Protestant Services (church service held at 7 pm on Sundays and Chi Alpha Open Table on Wednesdays at 8 pm, both in St. Williams, among others) to Shabbat (Sundays at 6:30 pm in Makóm) to Aarti (every Sunday at 5 pm in Makóm) to many other options that you can find here.

Interreligious understanding is one of those core values I was talking about before and I speak from experience when I say that attending other religious services has really broadened my horizons and even allowed me to solidify my own beliefs!

2)   Schedule Quiet Time and Reflection

Sometimes the only way to take time out of your busy schedule is to actually schedule it into your calendar.

Pencil it in like another meeting, take a notebook and pen and retreat to one of Georgetown’s many sacred spaces to just sit and reflect, meditate or pray.

Here are just a few to choose from:

1)   Dahlgren Chapel

2)   Dahlgren Quad (my favorite!)

3)   Makóm

4)   Copley Crypt

5)   John Main Center


3)   Go on a Retreat

Another Jesuit core value is “contemplation in action,” which manifests itself in the plethora of retreats offered at Georgetown through all faith backgrounds. If you’re a first-year student, consider ESCAPE, a 27-hour non-denominational Georgetown tradition all about reflection. There are way too many others to write about, so if you’re interested in taking a break to relax and escape from the Hilltop, check out all of the options to do just that right here.

4)   Talk to Friends

I’m a big proponent of the thought that you can learn something from everyone. One way to explore spirituality is to set aside intentional time with friends to talk about their faith backgrounds. I’ve found that most people, especially at Georgetown, are very open and would love to talk about these topics over coffee.

5)   Speak with a Chaplain

Finally, one of the greatest perks of Georgetown’s commitment to upholding its core values is the diversity and abundance of chaplains on campus. We have Directors of Muslim, Jewish, Protestant and Hindu Life, as well as Roman Catholic Chaplains and many Chaplains-in-Residence. Find the full list right here. It’s never too late or too early – so whether you’re a first semester freshman or a soon to be graduating senior, make sure to take advantage of the proximity and ease to connect with chaplains of so many different faith backgrounds. Shoot one of them an email to have a chat about spirituality!

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