Guide to Finals Study Spots: Outdoor Edition

Guide to Finals Study Spots: Outdoor Edition


The weather is heating up, and so is finals week. As you gear up to write your 15-page history essay or study for that physics final, don't feel like you have to spend ALL your time in Lau. Fortunately, Georgetown has some great outdoor study spots - so you can ace your exams AND enjoy this lovely spring weather.

The Terrace at Healey Family Student Center

The terrace at HFSC is one of my favorite study spots on campus, so as soon as temperatures start warming up, it is one of the first places I head. Not only does it have comfy chairs and a beautiful view of the Potomac (& Virginia!), but the terrace has fireplaces AND outlets! That's right, you can work outside for hours and never worry about your computer dying. With this setup, you may never need to enter Lau again.

It's raining outside today, so let's throw it back to yesterday's cozy session overlooking the Potomac next to the fire.

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Copley Lawn

As a prospective student on my first Georgetown tour, I envisioned myself passing all my days on Copley Lawn: playing frisbee with friends, throwing impromptu picnics, even catching up on the latest Netflix shows. While perhaps we cannot spend all of finals week living in such leisure, the lawn still makes a great study spot. Whether you prefer full sun, shade, or something in between, there is plenty of room to make yourself comfortable and enjoy the fresh air. 


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Leavey Esplanade

If you haven't studied on the esplanade yet, this is definitely a spot to try out before you graduate. It provides an awesome view of the field, and it's usually a bit quieter than the lawn. If you are easily distracted, this might be the perfect way for you to enjoy the outdoors without stopping to talk to each and every person walking through the lawn.

#fromwhereitan ☀️

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Dahlgren Quad

Dahlgren is definitely one of the most peaceful and relaxing outside study spaces. The running water of the fountain makes it almost meditative, and it is such a beautiful little spot (so you'll be sure to get a good Instagram out of it). Hopefully your exam scores will be just as good as the Insta... but if not, at least it's not a total loss!

"It's never the changes we want that change everything" #grateful

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Bonus Spot: Georgetown Waterfront

If you are looking to get off campus a bit, the Georgetown Waterfront is a short walk from the front gates and a great way to break the Georgetown Bubble! It is also close to some delicious restaurants, so you can be sure to get a good meal while you're there. Bonus perk: If you get too hot studying, you can cool off in the fountain!

summer stirring 🌤🛀🏿#tbt

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No matter where you end up studying, try to do as my history professor reminded us just yesterday - and "always stop and smell the flowers." Georgetown is such a beautiful campus, so make the most of it!

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