Five Times when Healy Hall was Perfect

Five Times when Healy Hall was Perfect

By: Neharika Khandavalli (C'17)

Being a student at Georgetown University comes with millions of perks. The top-notch academic environment, incredible extracurricular activities, and amazing guest speakers to name a few... but nothing comes close to the feeling of the immense gratitude you get when you look up at Healy Hall, take in the view, and realize that you get to call this beautiful place your home. 


Here are 5 views of Healy Hall that’ll make you wish you were a Hoya forever. 

1. When the sun sets after a long day on the Hilltop

You finally get out of your 7:45pm class in Car Barn, and this breathtaking sunset catches your sight on your walk back to Darnall; suddenly, all of your worries vanish, and you feel like the king of the world.

2. When you’re taking an afternoon nap on Healy Lawn

Maybe you’re still bitter about not getting your Hogwarts letter, but you feel better having this as your napping vantage point (after enjoying a delicious crepe from the Farmer’s market, of course). 

3. When rainy days = rainy daze

It’s pouring outside and you don’t have an umbrella, but this view of Healy sends you into a reminiscent daze, making you feel all kinds of ways. 

4. When you're feeling blue about finals

Healy is right there with you, walking you through every step of the way.

 (This is when I started singing Colors by Halsey)

5. When you're sleepless and exhausted

You pulled an all-nighter on Lau 2, but you leave just in time to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunrise over Healy at dawn. Suddenly, you are filled with an overwhelming sense of happiness and gratitude (one that trumps studying for midterms any day). 

And that’s a wrap. HOYA SAXA!!!!!! #GeorgetownForever

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