6 Ways to Get Involved in Community Service on the Hilltop

6 Ways to Get Involved in Community Service on the Hilltop

By Anna

Here at Georgetown we pride ourselves on being Women and Men for Others. But do we really walk the walk? Of course! There are tons of ways to give back to the campus community, the surrounding communities, and even the global community. With offices like our Center for Social Justice (CSJ) or built in community work for most clubs, it is easy to get involved in community service here on the Hilltop. Here are just a few of my favorite ways, but there are plenty more ways to give back to our communities.

1. Get Involved with Your Friends: Community Service Day

Photo credit:  csj.georgetown.edu

Photo credit: csj.georgetown.edu

There is no better way to have fun, than when you are also making a positive impact on someone else’s life. Community Service Day is an opportunity for new Georgetown students to give back to DC, and make some new friends while at it! It is held every year in September. The MLK Day of Service, also run through the CSJ, happens every year in January. The CSJ hosts opportunities throughout the year to get involved, check out their list at CSJ.Georgetown.edu.

2. Give Back to Schools: Educational Programs

Photo credit: csj.georgetown.edu

Photo credit: csj.georgetown.edu

Georgetown students know how lucky they are to be getting such a wonderful education, and we love to use our educations to help impact those of the students in the DC area. The CSJ helps to run multiple programs such as DC Schools Project and DC Reads, which help younger students across DC.

3. Help out those in need: Clinic and Hospital Work

Photo credit:  chop.edu

Photo credit: chop.edu

There is always work to be done for those who need healthcare. There are plenty of community based clinics across DC always looking for volunteers, but don’t forget about the MedStar Hospital right here on campus. They are always in need of volunteers to help out in all the sick units as well as at the front desk and volunteer offices.  

4. Care for Our Neighbors: DC Mobile Soup Kitchen, and Beyond

Photo credit:  wamu.org

Photo credit: wamu.org

Stepping right off campus, there are plenty of ways to give back to the beautiful Georgetown neighborhood. The DC Mobile Soup Kitchen is a great way to give back, as well as the Hypothermia Outreach Team (HOT) run through the CSJ, which gives out blankets and other emergency supplies in times of extreme weather.

5. Make a Difference Across the US: Alternative Break Programs (ABP) & Global Brigades

Photo credit:  nhs.georgetown.edu

Photo credit: nhs.georgetown.edu

Alternative Spring Breaks are a great way to get off campus, and make a difference across the country. With programs from New York to Louisiana, there are plenty of options. If you are itching to help out more globally, the GU Global Brigades is a great way to do so. They run Medical, as well as Public Health and Water, Brigades throughout Honduras.

6. Show Some Love for Our Campus Community: Trash Pick-ups and Events

Photo credit:  Georgetown  Voice

Photo credit: Georgetown Voice

A less focused on means of community service is giving back to our wonderful campus community. Whether it be volunteering for Homecoming or Georgetown Day, participating in a campus-wide trash pick-up, or even just helping out a lost visitor to campus, being a positive force on campus is an integral part of being a Georgetown student.

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