4 Ways to Handle the Presidential Election from Georgetown

4 Ways to Handle the Presidential Election from Georgetown

By Bella (COL'17)

Living on a campus so close to the White House means we are right in the thick of the election season buzz. Here’s how to make the most of the time between election night and Inauguration, regardless of who you voted for.

1. Don't Focus on Facebook

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I’ll admit - it’s tempting to post every emotion, share every status, and like every article, but stepping away from the screen can be a good way to see the big picture. Georgetown is about to hit its peak autumn beauty, so when your laptop dies, leave your Lau cubicle and take a stroll across campus to clear your head. Sometimes, you’re the one that needs to recharge.

2. Get Educated on What's to Come

Georgetown prides itself on students who are invested and informed, and there are tons of election-related events coming to campus over the course of the next few months. Just this week, the GU Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life held a dialogue with some of the nation’s top political commentators, with more similar discussions coming soon over the next few months.

3. If You're Disapointed, Treat Yo Self

 Photo Credit:   Georgetown Rangila

Photo Credit: Georgetown Rangila

Participate in as much election banter as you want, but don’t let it consume you! If you’re struggling with all your election feels, give yourself a night off and attend a fun event on campus. Need ideas? Basketball season has just begun, Rangila kicks off November 18th-19th, and Georgetown’s World Percussion Ensemble takes Gonda Theatre on November 20th.

4. Remember What Counts

At the end of the day, everyone participating in election culture is working towards the same goal - a better, stronger America, powered by love, community, and respect. Georgetown is a place where leaders come to flourish, so if you want to be the change, invest your time now into preparing for your future.

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