4 Ways to Celebrate a Hoya Birthday

4 Ways to Celebrate a Hoya Birthday

By Bella

As a freshman at Georgetown, I remember wondering what it would be like to celebrate my very first birthday away from home– it was my first time not living with my family, and I had always relied on them to make the day special. On my own, what’s a girl to do?

Fortunately, I’ve been lucky to experience some amazing birthdays here on the hilltop, and I’ve rounded up my top tips on how to make the most of your birthday celebration at Georgetown!

1. Step Up Your Dessert Game

Birthdays are sweet – so your meal of choice should match the celebration! I recommend Georgetown’s namesake dessert creators, Georgetown Cupcake, for a tasty treat to commemorate the day. Line too long? No problem – M Street is land of the cupcakes; head over to Sprinkles or Baked & Wired!

2. Leave Lau Behind

Your birthday doubles as a mental health day – prep in advance to make sure you can enjoy your day without worrying about next week’s presentation or tonight’s reading assignment. If the weather is warm enough, swap your usual Lau cubicle for a spot on Healy Beach!

🚨Rare February Healy beach opening! Opt outside today! ☀️🕶

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3. Treat Yo' Self

I know I’m not the only one who is constantly trying to snag more Georgetown gear. Unfortunately, it’s not every day I can splurge on a new navy sweatshirt. Birthdays are the perfect excuse to pick up something fun from the bookstore in Leavey – and also a great gift option for the friend with nothing on his or her wish list!

4. Finally 21?! Get Stamped.

After years of being kicked out of The Tombs at 10:30pm when it transitions from restaurant to late-night bar, relish in your big day by proudly bearing a Tombs stamp across your forehead and dancing the night away. Having a Tombs Night on the eve of your 21st birthday is a Georgetown tradition like no other!  (On Your 22nd, come back for TWO stamps – one on each cheek!)

About last night... 👀 Got my Tombs stamp so you know it's official! 🍻🤘🏻 #21 #tombsnight #hoyasaxa

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