Randall-Grace (C'19)


Hey Georgetown, It’s me Randall-Grace! I’m a Sophomore in the College and I’m from good old Greensboro, NC. I’m still technically undecided on my major, but i’m leaning towards American Studies with a minor in Journalism, and so far I’m absolutely loving it! I’ve actually been watching Georgetown Stories since my senior year of high school, so it’s super crazy that I’m writing this right now. If you’re in that position now, watch out, because this could be you in a couple years!

My freshman year at Georgetown surpassed all my expectations, so I’m hoping that my Sophomore year will be even bigger and better, and I can’t wait to bring you all along for the ride! At this point, though, you’re probably wondering why you should keep up with me this year. Am I a little insulted that you’re not already sold? Yes. Will I give you some fun quirky facts about me to plead my case anyway? Absolutely.

If you ask anyone I know, they’ll tell you that watching TV is my favorite procrastination method. Some current favorites are Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, Bob’s Burgers - and, if i’m being honest here, you can throw Big Brother and Masterchef Junior onto that list too. I have a slight overcommitment problem, so I’m currently involved in the Georgetown Program Board,The Hoya, Club Filipino (don’t worry, I’d have questions too), NAACP, The Big Hunt, and some other fun things here and there.

Now for a speed round. Proudest Accomplishment? Ariana Grande follows me on Twitter. Favorite Class so far? Television and American Society! Guilty pleasure? Memes. Ever met anyone famous? Simon Cowell, Cody Simpson, and Ed Sheeran through a fence at his concert in 2012. So, that’s me in a nutshell. Congrats if you got through all of this, and I hope you stick around!