D.J. (MSB'17)


Hoya Saxa! My name is D.J. Angelini and I’m a senior in the MSB studying Finance and Operations and Information Management (OPIM.) I come from Chicago--and by Chicago I mean about an hour west of the city in the small suburb of Bloomingdale, Illinois. On an average day, you’ll probably notice me running through campus with my oversized backpack always roughly 5 minutes late to what I have next on my calendar (despite being here for 3 years, I’m still clueless as to how long it takes to get anywhere.) On campus, I’ve gotten involved in the Lecture Fund, the Credit Union and some awesome activities in the MSB! In my free time, I also love to play rugby for our competitive club team.


I love going to school in Washington, DC and I take advantage of the city as much as I can. From concerts at 9:30 Club, to weekend trips to Jetties in Foxhall, to rugby games near the Washington Monument, I always find great ways to spend my free time. When I’m not out and about, I’m either blasting James Taylor’s greatest hits in my off-campus townhouse or lounging (read: napping) on Healy Lawn!