Megan C'15

changed her major 6 times, loves the smell of laundry
Grill Master in GUGS (GU Grilling Society), sings in the 7:30 Choir,
plans to workout everyday but doesn’t, NOT a morning person,
Assistant Producer of Georgetown Stories, wants to be an actress, illustrator or photo journalist

I started at Georgetown in 2011 thinking I would be a Physics Major. That quickly switched to Art History, then Econ, then I applied to transfer to the Business School as a Marketing Major, but I changed my mind last minute and went to English. The common denominator through all of these majors was that my minor would be Studio Art. I remember sitting on a bench while abroad and suddenly realizing that I was tired of this “Major in what’s practical, Minor in what you love,” talk. I could have it all. Immediately after returning from Strasbourg, France, I switched my major to Studio Art with a concentration in Digital Art and chose to double minor in English and Film/ Media Studies. 

At Georgetown, your major is just as important to your identity as your name. However, in the past three years of switching from one major to the next, I’ve had to figure out who I am beyond the words written on my diploma. So, what do you really need to know about me? I love dogs, movies, and cheeseburgers. My favorite smell is laundry detergent, my most recently listened to album is the Madonna episode of Glee, and my patronus would probably be a hedgehog. I’m never more comfortable than I am while holding a pencil, and I’ve used my creativity to infiltrate Georgetown culture as much as possible. 

And, more than anything, I just want the chance to tell my story.


Spring 2015

Fall 2014