Latazia C'17

Loves elephants, in Groove Theory, campus Gospel Choir member,
first tried Nutella her freshman year and has loved it ever since, minoring in Korean so she can successfully watch K-dramas without subtitles, always puts her academics first,
on Black Student Alliance executive board,
wants to be a professor and/or directly involved with education policy in government.


The only thought I wish to convey in this statement is my absolute love for Georgetown. When I was in middle school I realized that paths of self-destruction surrounded me. I had a choice to follow suit or dream bigger to give my family hope of a better future. In my search, God led me to a university called Georgetown. I knew it would take hard work and dedication to meet Georgetown’s standards and I welcomed the challenge. As a first generation college student, I wanted to build a new legacy for my family at a school that reflected my values.

When I received my early acceptance letter I cried, not because I was accepted, but because the envelope was so thin I believed I had been rejected. When I gained the courage to open the letter, my tears of sorrow transformed into tears of joy. I knew Georgetown was the right choice, so I immediately dropped my other applications. My first year of Georgetown was everything I expected and more. I love the motto “men and women for others” because it encompasses who I strive to be everyday. As I enter my Sophomore year I look forward to continuing my studies, especially Justice & Peace Studies and Korean, dancing with my wonderful Groove Theory teammates, serving on the Black Student Alliance board as the SOCA representative, singing with the Gospel Choir, exploring new opportunities, and sharing my love for the institution  that has allowed me to choose my own destiny. Hoya Saxa!

Spring 2015

Fall 2014