Kendell (C'19)

I’m Kendell. I’m a junior in the College double-majoring in Government and African-American Studies with a minor in Justice and Peace Studies. Instead of continuing with a typical Georgetown introduction, what better way to learn more about me than through my name. Each letter represents things I enjoy doing or words that describe me, and possible things you might see from me throughout the year.

Kreative: :P (see what I did there haha). I love creating things from plays, to small art projects. Feeding my creative side keeps me grounded and calm in what can be an otherwise busy world.

Exploring: any of my friends would tell you that I love adventures and exploring new places. Whether it be a 24 hour trip to New York, exploring the murals of DC, or getting lost in Montreal (all stories I’d love to share). Follow me throughout the year to see where my explorations take me.

Non-Stop: I am a big fans of musicals: Hamilton, Wicked, and the Lion King being some of my favorites(I’m still aiming for the elusive goal of being able to rap the entirety of Guns and Ships). I am also a fan of music in general: Chance the Rapper, Masego, Noname, and Bruno Mars are currently my favorite artists, in addition to most 90’s - early 00’s R&B.

Dallas: I am from the great city of Dallas, Texas. Some of my favorite things are the food (Tex-Mex, BBQ, and Whataburger are my favorites), my family and friends, and our beautiful skyline. I will be sure to show you some of my favorite places/things when I go home this year.

chEf: love cooking (and I’m kinda forced to because I don’t have a meal plan). Cooking is another way of being Kreative, because it is an art. Just as much as I love cooking, I love trying new and unique foods (you’ll probably catch me doing that throughout the year).

Laughing: Uncontrollably. Literally. Whether this be because of a tv show, cards, or general conversation. I love laughing and having a good time with friends and loved ones (so much so that veins become very visible on my forehead -- embarrassing, I know).

Lit. Lit-erally. Fun Fact: when my mother was in labor with me, a fire broke out in the hospital where I was born. Other fun facts: I met Janelle Monae, Issa Rae, and Maxine Waters, among others, all in one night! I graduated from a school named after Barack Obama. I’ve grown to like dogs only in the past year.