Jada (SFS'17)


Hi!  My name is Jada.  I am a senior in the School of Foreign Service, majoring in Culture and Politics. Here are some of the interesting facts about me!

I am a South Floridian girl through and through, which means I have a sunny disposition but I am unpredictable as the weather.

So, there is never a dull moment with me. In my spare time, I am either at an impromptu dance party or starting one.

My only camera pose is to grin while laughing, because that’s all I do most of the time

And that’s why I am perfect as a Peer Advisor at the Office of Global Education

Also, it helps that I studied abroad in Morocco.

My #1 goal this year is to model for Abissa, the African Society at Georgetown’s cultural showcase.

I firmly believe in traveling out of your comfort zones

Because that is where  the best food is…

It is also how Arabic became my second language and the first love of my life. (Thank you Georgetown Arabic Department!)

Oh sorry, I lied. My first love is pizza . . .anywhere, at any hour. Catch me at &Pizza when it opens on Wisconsin.

My favorite place to eat that pizza, people watch, and relax is at the Georgetown Waterfront.

Above all, my favorite way to dance, eat, explore DC—or just live my best life, in general--is with friends. Hoyas are the best kind.