Frannie SFS'17

Early riser, on Jack Crew, raised sheep and cattle, member of the Italian Club,
Marketing lead for The Corp and works at Midnight Mug and Vital Vittles,
always up for a game of tennis, has journaled since age 11,
frugal, “punny”, wants to run for public office.


I'm from Wyoming—a state where the antelopes outnumber the humans and only 500,000 other people can call home. While most kids grow up with two dogs, a cat and a nicely kept piece of lawn, I had 30 cows, two lambs and the rolling plains as my backyard. In many ways, my experience at Georgetown has differed from my peers because of my upbringing. I learned at an early age that the secret to having a meaningful experience is to connect with humans in a multitude of different communities. At Georgetown, I have worked hard to implement this lesson into my life and become involved in as many groups as possible in order to maximize my experience on the Hilltop. I currently hold four jobs on campus; I work for The Corp in their Marketing Department, I scan groceries at Vital Vittles, I brew coffee at the library’s café, and I am privileged to walk Georgetown’s precious mascot, Jack the bulldog. Apart from these communities, I am a member of the Italian Club and a lector every Sunday at Dahlgren Chapel. This past year in DC has been one of the most exciting and rewarding times of my life, and I would be honored to share my incredible experience with prospective students, parents and alumni. Georgetown has become my home, and it would be a gift to take the joy that Georgetown has given me and share it with others.

Spring 2015

Fall 2014