Febin (MSB'17)


10 Things to Know About Febin

1.  I spent the first 5 years of my life In Pampady, India with my older sister/partner-in-crime, and extended family. I learned the local language – Malayalam – which I still speak fluently!  

For the record: Jack >>> whatever bulldog is on my shirt

2. I attended middle school & high school in Brooklyn, New York & Monroe, New York! I rarely make it back to BK but when I do, my first visit is to a local pizza shop near my old house. There’s nothing like Brooklyn pizza!

3. I am a proud graduate of Rockland Community College --  RCC changed my life in so many ways,  I gained a lot of close mentors who helped shape who I am today. To the left is one of my biggest role models & supporters, Dr. Wood – President of Rockland Community College. To the right is Dr. Lecker – Business Ethics Professor, a close mentor and friend. I also met my long-time girlfriend during my first semester at RCC! Georgetown had been my dream school since my first visit, and the day that I received the transfer acceptance letter was the happiest day of my life.

4. On campus, I serve as Georgetown’s Campus Representative for the Clinton Global Initiative! I’m really passionate about social justice & entrepreneurship, and CGI is just an amazing network to meet student leaders and influencers who have made a positive impact on society! Two of those influencers include a Hoya alum -President Bill Clinton, and Tim Kaine – Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential Candidate. #blessed

5) I recently founded Unsung Heroes, an organization that promotes awareness and appreciation for the unsung heroes of college campuses – employees who often work behind the scenes to ensure that the university is running smoothly and efficiently. The unsung heroes include, but are not limited to: janitors, construction workers, food workers, bus drivers, custodians, utilities workers, security guards, etc. We have been getting to know these workers in our campus by speaking to them one on one, and capturing their portraits of humanity through story telling – #HumansofNewYork style.

6. I’m a big believer in paying it forward and mentoring others! I have been leading the Business Undergraduates Invested in Leadership Development (BUILD) program for the past few years -- a program that welcome first-year business students to our University community.  We provide academic and leadership development opportunities to our incoming McDonough School of Business Undergraduate Program students and helps introduce them to their new home on the Hilltop. I’ve also met some of my closest friends in BUILD and still keep in touch. Here is a picture of the 2016 class! #BuildFam

7.  During my time at Georgetown, I spent a summer interning abroad for an education focused non profit in Bangalore India for 10 weeks! It was through the Beeck Center’s GU Impacts program. We had tons of opportunities to travel around India during the weekends, and it was such an unforgettable experience! I went with 2 other hoyas in the School of Foreign Service.

8. I try to listen to a variety of genres but if you look through my playlists, you will find a ton of Drake, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole songs. I’m also a really big fan of Ray Charles! #MessAround #TheRightTime #HitTheRoadJack

9. FAVORITE FOOD : CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA WITH NAAN BREAD – I’m a big fan of Indian food and this is a STAPLE. You can order this dish at pretty much any Indian restaurant! Just be sure to cool it down with some mango lassi!

10. I’ve had a recent obsession with bubble tea and admit to having 2 cups every week! My favorite flavors are Coconut and Taro Bubble Tea -- I usually get it at @SimplyBanhMi in Wisconsin Ave.