Eric SFS'17

Member of GU Jawani, mentor in the Georgetown Scholarship Program,
would love to have teleportation as a super power, was an aerial arts acrobat,
works with Residential Housing Office, has journaled a line a day for two years,
GAAP volunteer, aspires to do Teach for America and become Secretary of Education one day.


My name is Eric Scheetz, and my Georgetown story starts back in high school when I decided to pursue my interests in government, culture, public policy and travel by majoring in International Relations. After searching for the best programs, Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service made the top of my list. It was my dream school, and every piece of information I gleaned and look around campus I took only increased my desire to become a Hoya. However, I had no idea whether or not I would be accepted; no one that I knew had ever attended Georgetown, and students from my high school rarely applied to schools of its caliber, let alone were accepted by one. After stressing all throughout senior year about my essays, application, and interview, I got the infamously small acceptance envelope.

There was only one problem--I didn’t know if my family was going to be able to afford to send me to Georgetown, especially when I had received incredibly generous scholarships from other schools. However, I was lucky enough to be accepted to the Georgetown Scholarship Program (GSP), which made my becoming a Hoya possible.

I’m now a rising sophomore in the SFS with an entire year behind me. Last year I joined GU Jawani, a Georgetown South Asian dance team, and helped throughout the year to welcome new students with GAAP. I also worked a few hours each week in the Residence Hall Office and went to many of the programs and talks that Georgetown Scholarship Program (GSP) and the wider Georgetown community offer. I’ve gotten pretty involved on campus, but I’m looking to do even more this year. Besides dancing, I’ll also be choreographing one section of Rangila, the fundraiser put on by the South Asian Society. I’ve also volunteered to mentor some of the incoming GSP students since the program was such a big help to me.

I think I have a unique Georgetown story that I’d love to share with the Georgetown community and anyone looking to join it.

Spring 2015

Fall 2014