Brett MSB'15

playground entrepreneur, Blue & Grey campus tour guide, 
LOVES coffee, coordinated NSO, perfectionist,
has more shoes than anyone he knows, lives by 1 Second Everyday app,
Assistant Producer of Georgetown Stories, aspiring film producer and director


My story is an ever-changing story. One whose pages are filled with friendships and heartbreaks, the throes of victory and the bellowing cries of defeat. In chapter one, things are simple - the tale of an average Irish boy in middle-class suburbia. Chapter two complicates things a bit. It is filled with college applications, a Georgetown acceptance letter, nerves, and an optimistic cliffhanger in which the protagonist departs to a new city, eager for what the future has in store. 

Today, my story is so much more than it ever was and pages are added daily. It is my Georgetown story. My story is just as much about 2 a.m. conversations with a kind stranger in the common room as it is Healy Lawn snowball fights and questions of moral character.

I am Brett Perry Treacy. I am a rising senior, both terrified and liberated by the unknown. I love coffee and you’d be hard-pressed to name a movie I haven’t seen. My story is unique, but I do not author it alone. The words I write are merely the world as I see it, a combination of all of the voices I hear, all of the people I meet, all of the lives that cross mine. It is the only story I know and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am tempted to glance at the last page, to read the final sentence, but how could I? The story is far too exciting to spoil the ending.


Fall 2014