Anna (NHS'18)


What to Know About Me

1. I am a proudly born-&-raised Californian.

2. I LOVE my family, even if I'm 3,000 miles from home.

3. I also LOVE my Hoya family (maybe just a little less than the real one).

4. I have two, white fluffy dogs (or nuggets as I like to say).

5. I am a HUGE nerd. Seriously, when it comes to science (especially chemistry), I'm all about it. On that note, I am pre-med and a Human Science major in the NHS. There's nothing I've ever wanted to do more than be a physician.

6. And on that note, you can watch me as I battle through MCAT prep and the beginnings of all my medical school applications this year :)

7. I'm the VP of the Blue & Gray Tour Guide Society here, so if you hadn't already noticed, I am a pretty big fan of Georgetown.

8. I just love being outside. I especially love finding ways to get outside here in D.C.

9. I am a die-hard SF Giants fan. 2016 is an even year; that's all I'm saying.

10. I must say, I do love taking selfies.